Suzumiya Haruhi:Volume5 Prologue - Summer

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Prologue - Summer

These are the events that occurred before the filming of that regrettable film, during my senior high school's summer vacation.

It wasn't until a few days after returning from the detective comedy-of-errors staged on that lone island (the “SOS-Brigade Summer Co-ed Trip”) that I experienced a taste of the joy of summer vacation.

This so-called co-ed activity in reality was just a forced kidnapping. Originally, I thought that since summer vacation was still young, I should not be getting any flak for sleeping till past noon on the first few days, yet that impatient and heartless president decided to depart on day 1 of the summer vacation, which ripped apart my seamless plan. Thanks to this woman, by the time my body adjusted to "Summer Mode" as it had in past years, there were only a few days left in July.

It need not be mentioned that I had no will to level the mound of summer vacation homework that I carried back from school. It shouldn't be too late to do it in August, so I simply squandered away the month of July. Who knew that come August, I would accompany my energetic, spunky little sister on a rural visit meeting cousins that we hadn't seen in ages, and head to the mountain, or river stream, or the plains, and spend two whole weeks playing? We played till we dropped. I will only admit to it if somebody says that I had it coming.

Naturally, regarding the summer homework that I didn't want to start on, I behaved similar to how birds that learn to avoid poisonous insects would: by not even touching it. As a result, not even one question was answered while the calendar was littered with records of my endeavors. Without noticing, half of August had passed…

"That" seemed to…

... Have become active in the dark.

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