Suzumiya Haruhi:Volume5 Prologue - Autumn

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Prologue - Autumn

It was finally the second half of November, and fatigue had taken over my whole body after the end of that school festival.

Director Haruhi's cinematographic skills were chaotic, to say the least, yet the movie did quite well at the box office. I had thought she would indulge herself in her own success and cool down, but from start to finish, her pace never slackened.

Yet the school never stopped providing Haruhi with insane activities that might cause her to think or her subordinates to have to do things. Take the Student Council President election. I was really worried about what to do if Haruhi were to run for that position. I later discovered that Haruhi had the strange belief that the Student Council is the sworn enemy of all little club activities, and was not interested in infiltrating and destroying them from within, nor in taking over as the real master in the shadows.

Sounds more like she wants to fight this unseen force, if it even exists, head on.

It took great effort for them to pretend that such a suspicious club as the SOS Brigade never existed, or even just simply to ignore it. I mean, wasn't it a good thing that we each kept to our own affairs? Yet Haruhi is always full of spirit. It's just that I didn't know how she intended to do battle with this unknown enemy.

However, that sort of expectation was just a mere premonition, because the ones coming to us with flags and banners weren't assassins sent by the Student Council, but our neighbors bearing the flames of vengeance.

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