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Author's Notes

Endless EIGHT

This volume in terms of how many sheets used for the draft would be about a hundred or so, out of those twenty of which are used for serialization in <The Sneaker>. It is a rare chance for me to be able to return to the earlier writing style. Although I am still a bit shaky with my work aptitudes, I feel a bit more relieved emotionally.

The Day of Sagittarius

I should clarify even if it doesn't matter that I am not really that particular about the naming of the game as in the novel, given that if I would snicker if I can clear the level of a game in a year. By the way, the game that I have been playing lately and manage to get to the last level is Linda^3. It is a blast. I should really get myself a Dreamcast.

Snow Mountain Syndrome

This is my newest work of intermediate length, and the longest piece so far. I keep thinking as of late about where'd the text editor that would automatically word wrap around the entire page go.

I purchased the following books as reference for this chapter. Here's a million and evermore thanks.

Fermat's Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World's Greatest Mathematical Problem. Singh, Simon, translated by Aoki Kaoru, Shinchosha.

図形がおもしろくなる(Fun With Shapes). Oono Eiiti, New release by Iwanami Shounan.

By the way, should there be any mistake with the explanations as well as the use of formulae, blame them squarely on my lack of brain cells. There is no other reason, please bear with me.

Lastly, allow me to extend my deepest condolences.

On July 15, 2004, Yoshida Sunao sensei passed away.

Looking back to how I was able to meet Yoshida-sensei around the day of the spring goodwill convention for Kadokawa, after being awarded the Sneaker prize. That was ten days after I was notified by phone. At the time I was just a newcomer without any clout whatsoever. The only things to do being on the ground of the goodwill convention with so many literary greats were to greet the seniors and to introduce oneself.

Just as my tension was rising to its limit, an impeccable gentleman approached me. He revealed an easy smile, tapped my shoulder and said:

"Hey, new guy!"

That man would be Yoshida-sensei.

"Hey, new guy!"- the phrase that Yoshida-sensei said to me cannot be more crisp and assuring.

After that, Yoshida-sensei chatted briefed with me, whose brain was frozen and so stiff that I can only mutter "not at all" or "nonono" and so forth, then shows his smile again:

"See you then."

He leaves as such. That would be the first, and the last time that I would see Yoshida-sensei.

After that I came down with the flu and was in my bed for three days before I came to, and I regretted for how I responded that day. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to greet him first the next time we meet and I even thought of the opener in advance.

Unexpectedly, I missed the chance, only to never have the opportunity to have a real talk with Yoshida-sensei. However, I firmly believe that up there, Yoshida-sensei can definitely hear the calls from this corner of the Earth.

Because I have been preparing and waiting to make this call for the longest time.

"Hey senior!"

I borrow this length of margin to pray for Yoshida-san's spirit.

Tanigawa Nagaru

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