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Author's Notes

About books.

A few days ago, for no particular reason, I raided the cardboard box that holds those sorted junks. Inside of them are the books that I have read in the past.

By the way, I don't have the habit of disposing items easily. That said, I don't have a lot of boxes filed away since I tend to think about what I want before I buy. Although these books have been around for close to a decade, looking at them feels like looking at myself of the past, and it gives me a feeling of saying that "ahh, it's alright".

Looking at these books, I can't help but to think of how my thought pattern is shaped by having read all of them. Of course I would be unable to recall the fine details in the volumes but the bits and pieces of memory of that reading process are deeply engrained in my head are still setting right now.

Time is of foremost importance. While you read you would be moved and impacted in ways hard to express. However, if I am to read the books again, the impacts and emotions would definitely be different from those days.

It can be said that the books I have read are the predecessors to everything that I have written. I can't help to conclude that should I lack one of those books this epilogue might not exist.

With my thoughts trailing to this point, I closed the cardboard boxes once more being utterly touched as I make up my mind to find some time and give those books another read and put the boxes away. Additionally I hope that perhaps I can reap more from the books that I read henceforth.


I am afraid of the cold. I have to have a winter jacket on for most of the year. Due to this I have been the butt of great many jokes. However, I would answer with: "I might have been a cat in my past lives". Let's not discuss if reincarnation is real or not for now. I just think from time to time that if my previous incarnation was a cat, would cat not have previous incarnation? If a cat was once a polar bear, then would the cat be afraid of the heat or of the cold? If the cat becomes a penguin next what then? Is reincarnation specific to human? Doesn't seem to be that way, give that there used to be a television show called Astrologer of Pet's Previous Lives which did pretty well. But I would think that I could do the same as well!

I spent my days thinking of such trivial things.

Editor in Chief★Straight Ahead!

1000 What would happen if SOS Brigade does an activity around the Literary club? I thought about that since the beginning. As such, I have written some Nagato one-shot and a piece called ‘’Digest • Literary Club Activity’’. Although I remember having written such things, I have forgotten where on the hard drive they have gone, so it took awhile to hunt them down.

The earliest drafts also include such things as Student Union Finally on the Move, Discuss • Computing Club• Despondence, Haruhi’s Disappearance, Sporting Match, which I kind of miss. Although I have pen several other works, but since I find them either reveal too much story ahead or lacking meaning, I had them set aside. They now sit at a corner in my hard drive. From day to day I have been clicking about with my mouse, weeding through all the files trying to see if I can make a new discovery. If you’re willing feel free to help.

Wandering Shadow

It has always been worrisome whenever I have to come up with a title for the book or even just the subtitles. When I just can’t stand it anymore I simply jot down some Katakana and call it at that. Originally this title was temporary called Drifting Shadow (originally 彷徨う影) which I translated into English, nothing special with this.

Come to think of it, as with the case of Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, I didn’t bother to give it a second thought and just took ten seconds to makeup the title. Subsequently the names are by no means eloquent. I tend to start writing without thinking about the topic only to go back when I am done. I know thought that I lack talent in that department so I would simply give the piece just anything I can think of. Who is willing to do the work for me next time?

The combination of a series of headings forms this absent-minded work, and it already is at its eighth volume. That of course is due to the massive efforts of those involved with the production and circulation and most importantly, the continuous support from the broad reader base. With my thanks to all that that have been helping and supporting me of the releases of media other than novels, see you again.

Tanigawa Nagaru

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